19. Sep, 2018

Zanjeer Malayalam Movie Download

Zanjeer Malayalam Movie Download >>> DOWNLOAD

A tough and honest police officer clashes with a crime boss who, unbeknownst to him, happens to be his parents' murderer.

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original title: Zanjeer

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

imdb: 7.5

duration: 2h 25min

keywords: policelineup, eyepatch, remorse, hitbyatruck, womaninjeopardy, footchase, loneliness, tea, torture, interrogation, garage, train, beating, restaurant, wrongfulimprisonment, fallingfromatrain, cigarett















































A police officer (Amitabh Bachchan) after the brutal murder of his family seeks some answers from life. Where he was suspended from duty, because of false story portrayed against him by traitors, when he decides to track down the killer of his family years ago, with the help of a street-wise knife sharpening girl (Jaya Bhaduri), and a Pathan (Pran). He was able to make out one of them as underworld don Teja and promise himself that he would not rest in peace until he takes revenge. In his childhood; Vijay witness the assassination of his parents by a notorious criminal leader, Teja. He grows up to be a police inspector and comes across a pathan, Sher Khan and a village belle, Mala - together with their help he attempts to uncover the ravel surrounding the killings of his parents only to find himself trapped. Zanjeer is a film that entertains throughout. The cast did a good job in their own role. Amitabh Bachchan gave us an intense performance which his extreme discomfort and anger. Jaya Bachchan portrayed a shy,innocent and young girl well. Pran did well as a loyal friend. The villains did their part. Although this was a serious movie, there were some lighter parts; I especially liked the part where Jaya Bachchan (Mala) learns words from that family and tries using it. In one scene, when Amitabh Bachchan (Vijay) was leaving she called him and said "bye bye"; he laughs and taps her with the police baton as she looks shyly at him - cute scene between them. A nice film which is worth a watch and is recommended. This is a unique movie (well, until every director started to copy the theme).

I don't think I need to comment on the story, it's good though. This is Amitabh's first hit, and he's been on top of the movie industry since then, and did an excellent job as usual. Everyone played their roles very well, and acting wise nothing is wrong. The only thing is if you're like me, you'll think there's a little bit too much violence. Actually, Amitabh got hurt during the shooting and when he was asked he acted like nothing had happened. But later Prakash Mehra felt his head and there was a large bump on it...AB is very dedicated obviously.

But excellent songs! KA are wonderful music directors! An entertaining movie, a must see, and you just have to listen to the superbly composed title music.



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